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Fundshop is the only comprehensive Investment Solutions and Private Wealth Management firm in Pakistan, providing a complete range of investment choices, including mutual funds, life insurance, Govt. securities, domestic & offshore bonds, equities & commodities. We advise corporations, retirement funds, trusts and high net worth clients on the complete choice of avenues available for investment, and facilitate them through each step of the investment process. Our corporate clients range from companies in Engineering & Construction to Telecom & Textiles, while our private clients include a diverse sample of young professionals, retired individuals and entrepreneurs. After helping the clients in choosing the right investment, we also facilitate the investment and liaison between the investor and the financial institution or issuer to ensure that our clients receive the requisite level of service that is needed for investment transactions. Finally, we go beyond the execution process and continue to monitor the investments in order to ensure that the investments are performing according to expectations, or otherwise suggest a portfolio reallocation on a dynamic basis. As such, FundShop provides a unique one stop solution for all of a client’s investment requirements. Currently, FundShop has Assets under Management of over Rs.7 billion routed through it towards a spectrum of investment vehicles.

FundShop’s vision is to add value in clients’ lives by helping them achieve the peace of mind that results from financial security. In line with this vision, we are making a pioneering contribution in modernizing the face of the wealth management industry in Pakistan to bring it in line with international best practices by providing tailor made investment solutions to clients based on their unique financial objectives. Our expertise lies in assessing the needs of each client and recommending a portfolio appropriate for delivering the return they seek in the context of their risk appetite. FundShop operates under distribution and agency contracts whereby we are authorized to sell a diverse range of financial products, which is unparalleled in the industry. Currently, the following agreements are in place:

  1. Distribution / facilitation contracts with 15 asset management companies, including MCB Asset Management, Arif Habib Investments, NBP Fullerton Asset Management, Atlas Funds, HBL Asset Management, UBL Fund Managers, Faysal Funds, Al Meezan Investment Management, Askari Investment Management, JS Investments, Crosby Capital Management, KASB Funds, BMA Funds, Dawood Capital Management and Pak Oman.
  2. FundShop is a collection agent for the retail TFC issue of Engro Corporation known as Engro Rupiya Certificate.
  3. Brokerage arrangements are in place with KASB Securities to facilitate equities, commodities & FX trading.
  4. An agency contract is in place from State Life Insurance Corporation Limited, for life insurance policies and plans.
  5. An agency contract is in place from Asia Care Health Insurance Company.
  6. FundShop also has an MoU with a UAE based Investment Corporation for dirham and dollar investment choices.

The indicative returns and features of the main investment products on offer are as below:

Investment Instrument Rate of Return (p.a.) Relevant Time Horizon
1. Money Market Mutual Funds 6% Can be encashed at any time
2. Treasury Bills – Government of Pakistan 6.5% 3 – 12 months zero coupon bond
3. Pakistan Investment Bonds – GoP 8% 3 year maturity bond
4. Dollar Denominated Sukuk Bonds 3% in USD 1 year holding period
5. Term Finance Certificates (AA rated) 9% 1 – 5 years maturity bonds
6. Commodities – Gold and Crude Oil 10% 1 – 3 years holding period
7. Domestic Stock Funds investing in KSE 20% 3 – 5 years holding period
8. Life Insurance Policies & Cover Double your funds In 6 years or receive a lifetime annuity
9. Tax Exemptions and Rebates 20% Single income tax year
10. Shariah Compliant Investment Funds 10% Can be encashed at any time


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